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Ro membrane scale inhibitor and series

RO membrane scale inhibitors

Bitu RO membrane scale inhibitor series products mainly include acid, alkali, neutral, low phosphorus, no phosphorus, concentrate and other kinds of reverse osmosis membrane scale inhibitor, also equipped with reverse osmosis membrane fungicide, reverse osmosis membrane cleaning agent, reverse osmosis membrane reductant, reverse osmosis membrane flocculant, reverse osmosis membrane outage protectant, direct manufacturers, a large number of spot.

Ro system supplies

Ro system supplies The filter element

Bitu RO system, water treatment materials, such as large flux filter, non-standard filter of all kinds of accessories. Subject to the technical requirements of the user customization production and processing all types of filter products, large flow, high filtration precision, good use effect.

RO water treatment equipment


Bitu RO water treatment equipment from 0.5T/H-3000T/H, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment design, installation and after-sales service. And provide reverse osmosis consumables, filter (standard and non-standard), quartz sand, activated carbon, dow film, Hyde to film and accessories. Brigitte with reverse osmosis water treatment equipment host one protection, main accessories three years warranty, life-long maintenance.

Professional manufacturer of RO membrane water treatment

8 times Bitu RO membrane scale inhibitor concentrate products with suitable water broad spectrum, various types of membrane used, etc, in accordance with international industry technical requirements.
Bitu introduction

Bitu introduction

Company profile

Bitu water treatment technology

Bitu water treatment technology (Shanghai) co., LTD is located in Shanghai fengxian bay economic zone, is a collection of water treatment technology research and development, production, sales and service in the integration of professional science and technology enterprises, capital and technology strength.

Bitu water treatment technology (Shanghai) co., LTD., based in Shanghai, the national service, the world's business objectives, relying on the Shanghai universities and colleges for the development of all kinds of water treatment reagents, docking technology, communication with institutes of science and technology, to produce more high quality chemicals for water treatment products, and with the convenience of Shanghai, the products have been sold to many countries and regions.

Bitu   water treatment technology company consists of dozens of a line of water treatment industry more than 20 years experience of experts and technicians, and synthesize analysis laboratory, equipped with advanced water treatment have production base in jiangsu, shandong, etc, in the company offices in many provincial capital cities, large and medium-sized cities or business focal point, for users throughout the country to provide quality products and professional services.

Bitu brand brand various types of membrane treatment agent, water treatment agent, sewage treatment agent and water treatment technology product adopts high quality formula, strict testing means, the quality of the professional management, each batch products are all manufactured according to international industry standards, to Europe and the United States imported efficiency, and can customize according to customer's need to provide processing services of OEM brand.

Bitu RO membrane scale inhibitors
Consumables Bitu RO membrane system
Bitu RO water treatment equipment
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