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Bitu microporous folded filter element

Issuing time:2019-11-28 10:11

Bitu microporous folded filter element

Bitu microporous folded filter element

The filtration precision of microporous folded filter element is 0.1 μ m - 60 μ m (μ m). SSL ® senslon microporous folded filter element is called folded filter element for short. Its main filtration materials are polypropylene, etc. most of the raw materials are imported from abroad.

Product Brief

The main characteristics of Bitu microporous membrane foldable filter element are: high rejection, high flux, low pressure difference and wide chemical compatibility; the production process adopts unique hot-melt welding processing technology, without any adhesive and foreign matters. Meet the production requirements of food, beverage, beer, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Introduction of Bitu microporous folded filter element

Polypropylene composite filter membrane is used as the main filter material. This kind of filter element is an advanced fixed deep-seated filter element. The nominal filtering accuracy range is from 0.1 μ m to 60 μ M. The filter membrane is not affected by the feed pressure fluctuation. Its unique advantages, such as low pressure difference, high throughput, good filtering accuracy and low economic cost, are favored by the majority of users.

Features of folding filter element

Bitu microporous folded filter element

1. Relative filtering accuracy, the rejection rate is more than 90%;

2. Wide chemical compatibility, large circulation and low pressure difference;

3. There is no medium falling off, meeting the pharmaceutical industry standard;

4. Wide range of filtering accuracy can meet various application requirements;

5. The hot-melt welding process is adopted, and the product is firm and free of pollution by the release;

6. Chemical method and online steam sterilization are available;

7. It can be cleaned and regenerated economically;


application of folding filter element

1. Pre filtration of RO water system and deionized water system.

2. Filter beverages, alcohol, mineral water, purified water, edible oil, etc

3. Filter chemical solvent, fine chemicals, ink, etc.

4. Filtrate the solution, agent and agent with water.

5. Others: biological products, plasma, oilfield reinjection water, gas filtration, etc.

Product characteristics

Excellent chemical compatibility, suitable for filtering strong acid, alkali and organic solvent;

The filter membrane is folded deep filtration with large filtration area;

Low pressure difference, strong ability to absorb pollution and long service life;

There is a wide range of filtering accuracy to choose from.

application area

Bitu microporous folded filter element

Bitu microporous folded filter element is an economic filter element, which can be used as a substitute of membrane filter element.

Post filtration of ion exchange bed;

As the pre protection filter element of expensive terminal fine filtration;

Filtration of blocky chemicals;

Used for filtration of fluid polymer, coating and ink;

Capture and filtration of bacteria in beer

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