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Bitu technology RO water treatment technology

Issuing time:2019-11-28 11:53

Bitu technology RO water treatment technology

Bitu technology RO water treatment technology

Reverse osmosis technology: reverse osmosis RO for short, is the '60 s developed a kind of membrane separation technology, its principle is under the action of raw water under high pressure through the reverse osmosis membrane, the solvent diffusion from high to low concentration in the water so as to achieve the purpose of the separation, purification, concentration, due to its penetration in the opposite direction with nature, so it is called reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis can remove the water of bacteria, viruses, colloid, more than 98% soluble salts and organic materials.

Bitu mature technology reverse osmosis water treatment technology, has the following characteristics: low operating cost, simple operation, high automation, stable water quality, etc. Compared with other traditional water treatment method has obvious advantages, is widely used in all walks of life related to water treatment. Reverse osmosis water treatment technology is basically physical desalination methods, in many ways it has the traditional water treatment methods have no outstanding features:

A, reverse osmosis is at room temperature, without phase change of physical methods will be in addition to salt, salt water purification. At present, ultra-thin composite membrane element desalination rate can reach more than 99.5%, and can remove the colloid in the water at the same time, organic matter, bacteria, viruses, etc.

B, water treatment, only rely on the water pressure as a driving force, the lowest energy consumption in a lot of processing methods.

C, don't have a lot of chemical reagents and acid, alkali treatment, no chemical waste emissions, no environmental pollution.

D, reverse osmosis device can continuous duty system, water system is simple, easy to operate, stable water quality.

E, high automatic degree and the reverse osmosis unit operation maintenance and equipment maintenance workload rarely.

F, device, cover an area of an area small, need space is also small.

G, adapted to the wide range of raw water quality, is suitable for brackish water, sea water and sewage treatment, and adapted to the low salinity water processing. Bitu water treatment technology company many years of industrial water treatment system process design, equipment manufacture, system of complete and membrane application technology experience, select reasonable setting process and design parameters, to ensure the long-term stability.

Bitu water treatment technology (Shanghai) co., LTD., specializing in the production of 0.5 T - 300 T/H of various water treatment equipment, also produces a variety of reverse osmosis equipment, pure water equipment, softened water equipment, EDI water treatment equipment, water purification equipment and large reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, Bitu (BITU) water treatment technology co., LTD. Technical personnel according to the material of equipment to provide a reasonable quotation.

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