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RO pure water equipment installation and operation

Issuing time:2019-12-01 19:46

RO pure water equipment installation and operation

RO pure water equipment installation and operation

Bitu RO reverse osmosis pure water equipment and technology is the most advanced and most energy efficient separation technology, its principle is under the influence of osmotic pressure above the solution, by using only allow water through and not allow other substances through a semipermeable membrane choice intercept the solution of the solute and solvent separation.

1, place the reverse osmosis pure water host and preprocessor in places near water and power supply.

2, quartz sand, activated carbon, such as softening resin filtration material.

3, connecting waterways: the original water pump inlet connected to the water, the prefilter export and import host connection, the preprocessor, host, port in connection to the sewer.

4, circuit: first, the grounding line and reliable, and the random distribution power inside the electrical cabinet room.

5, access to water supply, power supply, according to the requirements of "pretreatment instructions" according to the steps, preprocessing debugging operation is completed.

6, the use of the machine, the original water pump switch, set in the automatic position, and a key switch. Turned on water,electricity, wait for multistage pump inlet pressure to pressure controller Settings, multistage pump to start the work. Multistage pump starts, the system pressure is 1.0 1.2 Mpa. First start for RO membrane system manually flush for 30 minutes.

Bitu water treatment technology (Shanghai) co., LTD., specializing in the production of 0.5 T - 300 T/H of various water treatment equipment, also produces a variety of reverse osmosis equipment, pure water equipment, softened water equipment, EDI water treatment equipment, water purification equipment and large reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, Bitu (BITU) water treatment technology co., LTD. Technical personnel according to the material of equipment to provide a reasonable quotation.

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